#22 Boyd Park – Comet Street



We pulled Boyd Park out of the jar. It is located in a charming new development. The parking for Boyd Park is street park, which wasn’t much a problem for middle of the day on a Wednesday. When the developments around the park finish, I wonder if parking will become more difficult.



The park is large and has two distinct play structures. One is for the younger kids and includes 2 infant swings. The other play structure is for older kids and has 2 regular swings. In between are varies structures that are unique. In general, my husband and I agree that this park is a perfect example of how a park should be laid out.


My purse and pink water bottle in the background

We were extremely grateful for the picnic shelter at this park. The shelter is next to the play ground, and is shaded. It was over 80*, so we were happy for the shade. there does not seem to be much shade elsewhere in the park. The picnic shelter seems to have seating for 12. Both picnic tables seem to be missing benches. I went looking to the Bend Park and Rec page for Boyd Park for answers, but did not find any. I wonder if these benches are meant to have room for wheelchairs. If so, then it’s awesome. The picnic shelter is also near the porta-potty and the water fountain.


The half court basketball court has a picnic table and regular bench near by. It is on the edge of the native landscape area.

20140702_122334There are two native landscaped areas in this park. Both have nearby doggie stations. This is NOT an off-leash dog area, but would make for a good place to take Fido for a quick walk. There is also paths that go through the park as well. I would not say anything is big enough for a nice walk, but they could turn into a loop in a pinch.


There is plenty of large grassy area at Boyd Park as well. It is missing a decent amount of picnic tables. If you plan to picnic here with your family, especially during peak teams, plan on bringing a blanket.

(A scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is the least desirable and 5 is the most desirable)

Size: 5
Condition: 5
Amenities: 4.75
Safety: 4.5
Fun: 5

Overall Score: 4.75

For all tense and purposes, Boyd Park may deserve to be a 5 star park. There is something here for everyone. The park is in excellent condition. We always have concerns when there is only street parking in a park. I also worry about any park that encourages dogs with a separate fenced area. It was a very hot day, and it seemed the dark colored slides were a little too warm. I do wish the park had more picnic tables in general. Even though our hair splitting lowered it’s rating, Boyd Park is a must see for anyone in the area.




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