#31 Al Moody Park – Dagget Lane


Al Moody was a jar pick. We didn’t decide to go “parking” until 7:30pm. I have been forgetting lately that it is getting dark earlier again. We did not get as many adorable pictures of our son as normal, since we didn’t have a lot of daylight.

Al Moody is on Dagget lane, and is relatively easy to find. Most people don’t know about this park unless they live in the area or have children who go to Endsworth Elementary which is across the street. The parking is street parking, and cars tend to spend around that corner.


I apologize for the blurry picture. Our phones were having a tough time in the light. We may have tried this park another time, but we actually use Al Moody as our go-to park most of the time so we are already well acquainted with it.

The main play structure  has two slides and plenty of ways to play. There’s some parts of this structure that make me very nervous, but our son is a touch young for the structure. The structure itself is great. The structure is connected to an upper part of the park, so if your child has a tendency to wander keep your eyes out. Our son has bolted from the platform before and gotten out of sight.

The playground as two regular swings and no infant swings. I am always nervous about parks that don’t have more swings. We have had to wait our turn in the middle of the day for swing time before.

The play ground also has a see-saw ride-able. I guess I’ve seen kids have fun with it, but I am skeptical. It feels to tight to me. I guess the days of see-saws with a lot of lift are gone.


The main attraction to Al Moody park is it’s “little ones” play area. This jewel of a train is perfect for little park goers to use unassisted. I am alittle surprised at the things written on the inside of the train care, but it is a park. Little kids love this train, and I have always heard parents rave about it.

I wish there was more than just one park bench near the small train, and in general around the park. There are two park benches on the other side of the park near the larger main structure.

There is a half-court basketball court that I almost always see someone using. The wood fiber fitness trail has been my walking path more than once while my husband and son play in the park. There is a natural trail that seems to take off from the right side of the fitness trail at one point. I followed it, it seems to just go into adjacent neighborhood. In the middle of the fitness trail is a large grassy area that would be perfect for games of flag football, kite flying, or anything that you would want a lot of space for.

There also seems to be a small bike circuit, but I can’t tell if that was on purpose or created by the local bike riders. I see kids using it on occasion, but I cannot really speak to it’s safety.

I have heard that you can sled in the park in the winter. I look forward to checking that out this winter and seeing what that is like.



There is a picnic shelter, that could house approximately 24-36 I believe. I admit, I didn’t count the amount of picnic tables underneath the shelter. I am surprised to not see a number on the Park and Rec website. The shelter seems a little far from the porta-potty, but I may just be picky.


There are some picnic tables in the vicinity of the shelter as well.

I did not know that next to the picnic shelter is this picturesque orchard looking area with many shady trees. I feel like it would be the perfect place for a blanket picnic and cuddling on a Sunday afternoon.


The Bend Parks and Rec website says that Ensworth Elementary is working on an “Art Discovery Trail.” The only thing I found in the park for this was this rather dilapidated sign. I’m not sure what happened here, but it is a stark and sad sight amid the beauty of this park.


The garden in the park is absolutely gorgeous! I will save you all the pictures I took of individual blooms. I believe this is the butterfly garden mentioned on the website, which is provided by the “Roots and Shoots” organization.

The website also mentions a “tree house” play garden. I have no idea where that is, what it’s about.

In general, this park is in amazing condition as usual. It is very big with plenty of room to run and play.

(A scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is the least desirable and 5 is the most desirable)

Size: 5
Condition: 4.75
Amenities: 5 
Safety: 4.75
Fun: 5

Overall Score: 4.95

This park comes so close to a perfect 5. The street parking is always a concern, especially when people speed through the neighborhood. The play area is far enough away from the road that it should not be a problem once you get unloaded. The play area is varied and caters to all ages. There is a basketball court and unofficial bike track. The fitness track is not label for length, but makes a good flat surface for those not wanting a trail experience. There seems to be some signage that has not been properly cared for and some features missing that are listed on the website. This park as all the regular amentities. There are not a lot of picnic tables spread apart from each other, so prepare to sit close or bring a blanket.